About Letterati of Van

Many a fine hour has been spent putting pen to paper in order to compose that most majestic thing – a letter. Then you have to type it up, print it and send it. Who can read anybody’s handwriting these days?

I, Van, have been one to devote such hours to such a task. It all started many years ago, before such an Internet-filled time as now. Now that we’re in an Internet-filled time everything has to be on the Internet.

Thus, I have undertaken to put a selection of my fine letters on the Internet. All the world will be able to enjoy them and reflect upon what a fine thing it is to write a letter. If the world can be bothered that is. Worst comes to worst, the letters are on the Internet and I can chuck the originals in the bin. Less clutter.

So please enjoy them, in all their scanned glory (Gary’s boy who knows how to work the scanner properly was away, so some of them didn’t scan very well).

Sure, they may well contain spelling mistakes, grammatical embarrassments and seem generally pointless, but…I don’t seem to have something really good to come after ‘but’.

er page.

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